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Terms & Conditions

  1. It is agreed by the End User that the SMS services shall be used for Legal and permissible businesses as per the Laws of the Country where they are delivered.
  2. It is agreed by the End User that once payment is made for availing the SMS services under any circumstances the amount will not be refunded to him.
  3. It is agreed by the End User that after entering in to the agreement for availing the SMS services and during the continuance of the same if there is a change in SMS prices the changed price has to be paid by the End User.
  4. The Company has the absolute right to stop the delivery of SMS’s if it suspects that the End User is using or trying to use its SMS services for illegal activities or for anti-social activities or against to the Indian Laws and the End User has no right to contest the same under any court of Law.
  5. The Courts at Hyderabad shall have the exclusive jurisdiction in all matters arising under this End User Agreement.
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